sâmbătă, 13 februarie 2010

Yogya family

Rere (Indonesia), my housemate, and our favorite dancing gesture

Seba (Argentina), the rat and snake exterminator

Gosia (Poland) - my travel partner

Kees (Australia), who was by my side in my most difficult moment in Jogja

Slawek (Poland), the unusual guy, waiting for his unusual princess. He was my first passenger when i learned how to ride motorcycle - so brave!

Desman (Indonesia) was my first motorcycle teacher in Yogya; he does not know what being sad means


Alvi Lufiani - jewelry

Aria Sucitro - drawing and sketching

I've never been in front of such a huge unknown - the trip i am starting tomorrow, exacly 6 months after i arrived in Indonesia...
During this time, they (and not only; also Daniela (Ecuador), Luisana (Venezuela), Karli and Simon (Austria), Anna (Poland) and Titi (Indonesia) and...) have been my family, cared for me and laughed with me. I hope it won't happen like it always does - you never go to the aniversary of 10 years since highschool graduation - and we'll see each other soon!!!

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