vineri, 12 februarie 2010

Travelling St Valentine's !

On the 14th i’ll be leaving Jogja for another adventure. I will travel through southeast Asia before returning home – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, India and Nepal, for the first part.
Although Jogja chapter finished so soon, i am glad i found a place to return when things in Europe won’t work the right way or when i will want to retire. I learned a lot and i felt at peace here, living so close to art of all kinds, watching it taking form. I met interesting people and now the world seems much smaller and familiar because i have friends on all continents.
During my stay here a lot of people helped me. For some, I don’t even remember the names. The bule status brought me harassment, but also a lot of protection. Indonesian hospitality is amazing and i'll probably be considered a freak when i go back to Romania and smile to everybody on buses or on the street, as everyone does here naturally when they meet somebody else's eyes. Thanks, everyone, for showing me around, taking me in your cars or on your motorcycles...

foto - up The head of the village (kepala adat) in Kutai National Park (south Kalimantan) and his wife, a talented dancer

"Mister", who helped me get around Samarinda (Kalimantan) by his moto

Dicki (left), also known as the "head of the Mafia" due to his connections everywhere; to the right, the dayak woman who taught me how to make traditional jewelry from beads

The kids from Loksado (south Kalimantan) who accompanied me everywhere around the village

The Bear Family who were so warm and so caring when they hosted me in Banjarmasin, south Kalimantan

Glo, a very very dear friend - i hope her career will flourish in Jakarta

Anez, crazy guy, who came with me to he harbour in Surabaya (Jawa) to search for a cargo ship i wanted to hitchike to Banjarmasim. He also introduced me to this amazing Scotish couple who came all the way to Indonesia cycling !!!

The Korean group i met in Pulau Madura and we travelled around the island together

He took me by moto to the center of Pamekasan, the capital city of Madura, to watch the bull races

Siswi and Anthony, working as salespeople, were driving with me around Surabaya to show me around because they were afraid that the city is too dangerous for a girl alone

Sanja, my friend from Slovenia, who hosted me in Bali

Sam's parents, who had 11 children. Active supporters of, their very very young souls are admirable

On April's (left) motorcycle I was driving my first 50 meters on Pantai Bira (Makassar, south Sulawesi), Sam is a huge fun of backpacking and Irma (right) cooks excellent food

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pax spunea...

awesome news. good choice :))
te urmarim si asteptam continuarea

Imperator spunea...

Multa bafta si drum bun prin Asia... cat timp calatoresti >

TropaTrop spunea...

:) Multumesc mult... Probabil va dura cateva luni...