marți, 16 martie 2010


In Boeingul nou-nout care ma duce spre Delhi, ma uit la un film despre Amelia Earhart, prima femeie care a traversat Atlanticul cu avionul si apoi a disparut misterios in Pacific in 1937 in incercarea de a face inconjorul lumii in zbor.
Mi-au placut cateva replici:

„Who wants a life imprisoned in safety?” De acord.
„When I flew over the sea I felt transported to a simple, safe, beautiful place where everything was comprehensible”
„On my 7th birthday my dad gave me a globe. I was spinning it slowly, reading the names of all those strange places – Morocco, Spain, Etiopia, dreaming one day I will go to all these places” Imi aminteste de harta mea de pe usa dormitorului, de degetul care se plimba peste Indonezia si indepartata Asie intrebandu-ma, la fel, daca voi ajunge vreodata acolo...
„I want to be free, a vagabond of the air... Flying the world...”
„Want a tip? If I listened to all those that told me it was impossible I would have never flied”
„No borders, just horizons. Only freedom”

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